Goa Broad Band Network(GBBN)

The GBBN project has been designed to build a converged Wide Area Network that connects the State Headquarters, District Headquarters with all 12 Talukas, Village Panchayats, Households and institutions across the State. The Connectivity of 10 Gbps has already been provided between the all 12 Talukas and 1 Gbps to all the 189 Village Panchayats including 255 building jlocations under Phase -I and Phase -II of GBBN Project. The Integration of GBBN with NICNET has also been completed. Video conferencing is also being conducted on this network. Through this network both Intranet bandwidth and Internet bandwidth is being provided to all the stake holders. The project is monitored by Third Party Audit Agency (TP A). There is a recurring cost involved for the project which is being paid in the form of Quarterly Guaranteed Return to the GBBN Partner based on the services rendered and the TP A Agency for the Audit services.

Further, as per the GBBN agreement the GBBN partner shall share 12% revenue of its private connectivity and value added services to Government of Goa after completion of 5th year of contract for next 5 years. GBBN project shall complete its 5 years in August 2014 and hence revenue sharing shall start thereafter. The department also plans to enhance the Internet Bandwidth in view of the growing bandwidth requirement.

State Data Centre(SDC)

The State Data Centre (SDC) is envisioned as the 'Shared, Reliable and Secure Infrastructure Services Centre for hosting and managing the e- Governance Applications of Government of Goa and its constituent Departments. The Goa State Data Centre has been setup and operational since March 2008 and is hosted with 47 e-Governance Applications, 75 Web based Applications, 135 e-Services Applications along with other Government Applications such as State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG), Mobile Service Delivery Platform (MSDP), SMS Gateway (e SMS) etc. The project is maintained & operated by external agency (Data Centre Operator).

There is a recurring cost involved for the operations and maintenance by the present Data Centre Operator and the Third Party Audit Agency (TPA) which is being paid in the form of Quarterly Guaranteed Return to the i-3 Partner based on the services rendered and the TPA agency for audit. There is also a projected cost for the up gradation, operation & maintenance of SDC and the Third Party Audit Agency to be selected for the project for another period of two years.

Gap Infrastructure(GAP)

The Government of Goa (GoG) through the Gap Infrastructure Project, Phase-I extended GBBN connectivity from 225 building/locations to various other departments which were within 500 Mts range, thus covering nearly 800 offices and are availing the services of both Intranet and Internet. There is a recurring cost for the maintenance of this project. Further, the department has connected around 512 Govt./Aided Educational Institutes/schools and around 208 Govt. sub offices under the last mile connectivity (Gap-II) Project.

WIFI Connectivity and surveillance Solution to School

The Department has planned for implementing Wi-Fi Connectivity & Surveillance solution in the schools/educational institutes/colleges provided by the Education Department. The Wi-Fi connectivity is to be provided in view of the "Cyberstudent Scheme" wherein the Government of Goa has provided e- Tablets to the students of std VI & VII along with subject-wise e-Contents for std V to VIII. Wi-Fi connectivity is required in the schools so that the students along with teachers can access the data from the server and upgrade the e-Content on their tablets along with access to information in the educational domain. Surveillance solution shall help in monitoring the school premises thereby increasing the security of the school.

IT Knowledge Centers

Info Tech Corporation of Goa Limited (ITG) with the help of Government of Goa has established 40 IT Knowledge Centres across 36 census Towns and 4 major Towns. The vision of the project is to give computer training to at least one member of every family till the village level on ICT which will help the Citizens to be IT literate. This training would cater them to get jobs in IT Software's/IT Enabled Services including BPOs. Till date, training for around 12380 students has been completed from these training centers. The Department aims at modernizing and removal of the obsolescence of the ICT equipments in the ITKC's in the state to keep pace with the recent trends and technologies.

Migration of IPV4 to IPV6 Protocol

IPv6 is the successor to Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4). It is designed as an evolutionary upgrade to the Internet Protocol and will allow the Internet to grow steadily, both in terms of the number of hosts connected and the total amount of data traffic transmitted. Few key benefits are Simplified, more efficient routing, True quality of service , also called "flow labelling", Built-in authentication and privacy support, Flexible options and extensions, Easier administration. As a first step, as per the roadmap for this migration, GBBN IPv6 Assessment Study and setup of IPv6 Lab at GBBN SHQ the department with the help of the GBBN partner has completed this activity enabling the GBBN backbone network till all the 189 Village Panchayats for IPv6 Compliance. Testing of this compliance is in process. Also there is a need to cover all the extended connectivity locations from the GBBN POP's for IPv6 compliance

Surveillance Project

A major responsibility of the Government is to provide safety and security for its citizens and its assets. With increased security and terrorism threats in the country, building a comprehensive surveillance system is critical for enhancing safety and security of citizens and assets. The department plans to introduce a common framework for surveillance systems in the state.

The project envisages implementation of a state-wide comprehensive surveillance system to facilitate 24x7 scanning and monitoring of vehicular traffic, human movement etc. The project would ensure setting up of unmanned surveillance cameras throughout the state at all the major roads and junctions, Public places and Places of strategic importance. The data will be stored, monitored and analysed at the centralized control room which will be setup for the project. The project shall be under the aegis of the Department of IT, Government of Goa, with close coordination and support from the Home Department (police department).

Geographic Information System(GIS)

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a tool used to visualize spatial data to make better decisions. The GIS system is meant to provide a common platform for all departments to store and share their spatial data. This will lead to better joint decisions, greater transparency, and the ability to effectively monitor large projects. A few of the reform areas are as follows: Improve inter departmental collaboration, effectively monitor large projects, provide transparency in the scope and impact of projects, ability to effectively manage our growing cities and the changing needs of our citizens.

The Government of Goa will create a single GIS portal that will allow departments to create overlays detailing their I department specific data. A detailed project report has already been submitted to the Government of India under the World Bank funding scheme


Delivering timely and accurate information to citizens and an established system of two-way communication between the Government and people is one of the key benefits of m-Governance. By utilizing wireless & mobile technology the state has taken a step forward from e-Governance to m-Governance in a big way in improving the delivery of Government information and services thus benefiting the citizens.

m-Governance in Goa is a comprehensive Mobile Governance project aimed at m-enabling the 48+ Government Departments and m-powering the people. The vision is to build/showcase solutions and applications which will benchmark in m-Governance services across the world by using latest technologies (Voice Applications, Applications using signalling channel and data service based Applications)

Integrated Border Check-Post Management(Integrated Plaza)

The objective is to provide a single window for collecting Taxes, Information and monitoring on behalf of from various Departments like Excise, Police, and Commercial taxes, Tourism, Forest and Transport. The project will be started on pilot basis to determine the gaps in the requirement. The final requirement will be determine in consultation with the various department after seeking feedback on the pilots system. The first phase will include consultation with various departments to determine their data and access requirements. The project component will comprise of Centralized Application Service and database; additionally a set of cameras will be deployed as part of this phase. The second phase will consists of maintenance & monitoring.

Infrastructure Development for ESDM/IT Parks

The State of Goa is characterized by the availability of good infrastructure facilities, better quality of life, relatively high optical fiber connectivity, adequate availability of power, high rate of literacy and a ‘higher than national average’ coverage of the education and healthcare system. Goa has all the pre-requisites to emerge as a software paradise. Goa has one of the highest literacy rates in the country and a very large percentage of the population is conversant in English, thus making Goa a front runner in setting up IT Industry, call centre and other IT enabling service operations. Goa has an atmosphere conductive for a good quality of life of the software professionals.

The Government of Goa with an objective to serve as the Enabler for Promotion of Information Technology Industry in Goa and to bring Investments to the State has taken up the following:

(i) Setting up of the Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) for the Electronic System Design Manufacturing (ESDM) at Tuem, Pernem, Goa over an area of around 4,00,000 Sq mts. Under the EMC scheme of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DietY), GOI.

(ii) Setting up of IT Park at the Kadamba Plateau, Tiswadi, Goa over an area of around 3,00,000 Sq. mts.

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