Info Tech Corporation of Goa Ltd

Info Tech Corporation of Goa Limited (ITG) formerly known as the Electronic Corporation of Goa Ltd. (ECGL) has been set up by the Government of Goa to promote overall growth of the State’s economy through the use of Information Technology.

Following are the Objectives of ITG:

1. Creation of IT Infrastructure for promotion of IT Industry in the State of Goa by establishing, IT/Cyber Cities, Parks, including infrastructure and communication faculties such as development of Land, Plots, Construction of Roads, Water supply facility, Electricity supply, Drainage, Telephone etc. 2. To support and assist the Government in development of e-Governance applications required to be developed to serve citizen and business.

a. To undertake software development projects selected by the Government.

b. To undertake the activities of providing required hardware to various Government departments as directed by the          Government,

c. To undertake the activities of local area network and UPS connectivity required to connect IT hardware and UPS etc. in various Government department as directed by the Government. 3. Help and Promote IT and IT Enabled Service Industries in the State of Goa

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